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.Q: I would like to find the impedance of a resistor if I know the Q of a square wave I want to find the impedance of a resistor if I know the Q of a square wave that enters the resistor. For example, if I have a square wave at 1MHz, how do I find the impedance of a 1K resistor? A: You can't determine the impedance of a resistor from a voltage source with a single resistor in series. What you can do, is a combination of the resistor and capacitor with a microcontroller. Measure the voltage and time for a sufficiently long interval to get a reasonable approximation of the impedance of the resistor. For example, if you were to provide a 10K resistor in series with a 20nF capacitor, you could measure the peak voltage and average voltage to determine the approximate resistance of the 10K resistor. Targeting primary liver cancers. Targeting primary liver cancer (PLC) is a challenging but compelling goal, and there is hope for development of a PLC-directed vaccine in the near future. Here, we review the basis for targeting primary liver cancer and the current clinical trials of PLC-directed immunotherapy. Although PLCs are readily immunogenic, they are also quite immunosuppressive. There are many tumor-associated immune mechanisms that contribute to the immunosuppression of PLCs, and for this reason, it is critical to identify all of these mechanisms in order to develop novel strategies for immunotherapy. In addition, antigen-specific immune effector mechanisms may be important and may be able to promote rather than suppress anti-tumor responses. The immune effectors that are most likely to be important are cytotoxic lymphocytes (CTLs) and T-cell-dependent antibody (TD Ab) responses. The precise role of each of these mechanisms in PLCs and the role of each mechanism in primary and metastatic PLCs remains to be determined. An immunotherapy approach targeting multiple immune mechanisms is under way and may be the best strategy to develop for PLC. In addition, new methods for immunotherapy are being evaluated in order to broaden the immune effector mechanisms that are important and to enhance their potency. There is great promise for development of an effective PLC-directed vaccine that can reduce cancer burden and improve survival.Product and Service Razor & Blades (1 pcs.) The razors are individually designed, following quality




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