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fencing diary

A fencing platform belonging to Hong Kong people, more exciting content waiting for you to discover

Fencing Diary is a one-stop fencing discussion and information platform for Hong Kong people. In Fencing Diary, you are free to participate in different types of fencing discussions (foil, saber and epee). We will publish fencing-related information from time to time to encourage more Hong Kong people to get into the sport of fencing.

The fencing diary provides different information about fencing, such as local competition schedule, fencing technical article sharing, background of different fencing equipment manufacturers, information of different fencing clubs, different fencing discussion areas (foil, saber, heavy swords, parent area, coach area, etc.), sharing of different fencing competitions from place to place, etc.

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fencing discussion board

Foil, Sabre, Epee and Related Discussions

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Dueling Fencers

local fencing competition

Local related fencing competition registration information

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Make friends with swords

A place to get to know the local swordsmen, exchange experiences, and make the local swordsmen more united. I hope that local swordsmen can be good opponents who cherish each other in kendo, and good friends who support each other outside kendo.

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Fencers in combat

fencing diary

Introducing Hong Kong fencing athletes, sharing fencing technical articles, training plans, beginner's guide to fencing, etc.

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